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“Who is The Judge?”

If you ever become indignant because you felt somebody was judging you. For something that they assumed it you did it might have been a situation that they absolutely did not understand and they just stepped in at the last throwing accusations around when they really had no idea of what the the contributing factors in the circumstances. We have a certain defensiveness even religion about judging others there are some people who know virtually nothing about the Bible but the one verse they do know is Matthew 7:1 where Jesus said judge not that ye be not judged in the quote it liberally whenever they feel somebody’s calling them into account for their actions. If we’re not careful we can be guilty of embracing the humanistic new age doctrine that Satan promotes the idea that nothing is absolutely wrong and so it’s wrong for anybody to say anything is wrong. That’s judging. The devil and his demons who discover who despise God’s truth and holiness like nothing better than to see truth undermined in favor of personal preference or rationalism or feelings. In the midst of all this confusion we must realize that there is a Judge who has an absolute standard or rule for judging all things in his life is eternal and binding Who is The Judge. Keep listening as we answer this question from the Bible online the Truth for Today.

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