March 29, 2020 admin

“The Answer to Frustration”

Trying to think back the last time you were really frustrated perhaps you’d planned today to get a long list of important things done only to be stymied all day long by unexpected interruptions in troubles that hinder your progress. Maybe your frustration was because of non budgeted expenses that through your whole financial situation and the chaos that month. Perhaps a holiday plans had to be canceled because of unforeseen circumstances that arose at the last minute and you were frustrated as a result. There are all kinds of reasons why we feel frustrated at various times but do you know there’s an answer for frustration. No I’m not implying that we can escape all of our frustrating circumstances that would be impossible in this life. I am referring to the fact that we don’t have to become frustrated even under conditions such as I have described. Stay tuned as we consider the answer to frustration on truth for today.

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