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“Religious Unity God’s Way”

Peace and unity are precious commodities that this world sees too little of these days. Unity in the home with a minimum of strife and bickering is a wonderful accomplishment a spirit of unity and peace in the church congregation for many seems to be virtually impossible because of all the political posturing in power mongering that go on in many churches. Peace and tranquility among nations is a noble goal but seems to be less and less likely all the time. Some people believe that all religions should be able to get together under one banner and this is would put an end to a lot of domestic and international strife. What about religious unity. There’s a definite movement in our world an ecumenical spirit that would seek to bring all religions together and does unify important aspect of human life. And what does the Bible say about this, and is God in favor of religious unity? Is He in all things to all men kind of God who doesn’t really care what people believe as long as they can get together. This religious unity idea -religious unity God’s way is our subject today on Truth for Today.

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