March 30, 2020 admin

“How Sure Are You?”

Confidence is a great thing we’re told frequently to believe in ourselves and adopt a positive mental attitude because. You can do it. Yes confidence is a fine thing to be careful of the kind of confidence that has to be continually mustered up propped up or build up because you’re just not so sure of some things. I am reminded of people who are convinced of a sure thing but when it comes to putting money on it they realize they’re not quite so sure. I might feel very comfortable grabbing onto a length of rope and trusting it to support my body weight unless that rope happens to be hanging over the edge of a cliff. Then I would have second thoughts and would want some further assurances. This is an application we should consider in spiritual life as well and especially when it comes to where we’re going to spend eternity. How sure are you? This will be our subject today on Truth for Today.
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