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“Hitting the High Spots”

Have you ever known people who would be described as laid back easy going and then hurried to so much so that it seems like just nothing bothers them they’re so relaxed about nearly everything that stress and worry are probably the last things they would ever feel. However every positive has its negative often this personality type fails to see the importance of detail and structure and may be inclined to be quite slip shod in meeting deadlines and other business and personal responsibilities. It’s been said the devil’s in the details. And so people like this may fail in some areas for their inattention to the specifics. It could be said that they’re more in the mode of just hitting the high spots. While some people could maybe make this work in temporal life it’s not a good idea. In quite a few applications is not a good idea in spiritual life in a reference to relationship to god. Keep listening as we consider this subject hitting the high spots on Truth for Today.

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