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A Living Hope

Isn’t spring a welcome sight after a long winter. Springtime is the season full of optimism and hope in after the dead nous of winter spring brings warmer weather and with it new life. Spring is actually my favorite season which has not only joyful emotional feelings but also spiritual applications one of which is the Easter holiday the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The Bible says his return from death is significant to many things in god’s eternal purpose which includes you and me personally it’s a subject that’s relevant all year round. Dance in the grave universally cast a shadow of gloom and sadness over our hearts and minds these are subjects we just don’t like to speak of because of both the negative association with dear ones we’ve lost to the grave but it just is really for the uncertainty so many people experience over the prospect of death. But just as springtime brings New Hope to a world that has been locked in winter’s dead this so the resurrection of Jesus Christ brings real hope to souls locked up bound by the appalling restraints of sin and death and the grave. The Bible says there such a thing as a living hope made possible through the lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection and this a living hope.

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