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The Personal Salvation Testimony of Don Weaver

I believe it was in September, 1977, when I made an attempt to accept the Lord as my Saviour.  I wanted to miss everlasting punishment in hell and I sincerely wanted to be with God’s people in Heaven.  What I really DIDN’T want was to turn over control of my life to the Lord.  For nearly 42 years, I didn’t have the power to resist temptations to sin, and I didn’t much care to read my Bible.  I wasn’t all that anxious to go to church.  Recently, I came away almost angry from hearing God’s Word preached, because deep down, I knew I just didn’t seem to fit in.  I was becoming increasingly irritable, and didn’t want to be around anyone- even the people I loved most in this world. On the 4th of November, 2018, something wonderful happened to me.  Lymphoma returned to my body.   I was feeling very sick and was seeing blood where there wasn’t supposed to be any.  I ended up being admitted to

the hospital.  I lost blood to the point where I needed a blood transfusion.  On November 8, a nurse woke me up to tell me I needed a transfusion, or I might not survive.  I signed the consent form, and the nurse left me sitting on the edge of my bed, as she went to make the arrangements for me to have a transfusion.  At just before midnight, the Lord of all creation graciously extended to me another invitation to accept Him as my Lord, my Saviour, and my Master.  I finally trusted and turned my life over to Him (faith and repentance), and at that moment, I was converted from being an undeserving sinner on my way to where I would have to pay for my sins forever in an eternal hell, to being an undeserving—but forgiven—sinner on the way to spend eternity with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in heaven.  An amazing thing happened: suddenly, instead of dreading the thought of going to church, I couldn’t wait to get to church and be with my brothers and sisters in the family of God.  Before,

I seldom read my Bible outside of church; now, I wanted to read God’s Word!  When my wife brought my Bible up to the hospital to me in the morning, as I read, I noticed that God’s Word now had new meaning to me.  I wanted to share the joy and peace that was miraculously now mine, with someone else, so I told Dan, my night nurse, what had happened to me.  He must have realized something real had occurred in my life because he seemed interested in hearing more.  The point is that all of a sudden it wasn’t difficult to share my testimony, because there was finally something to share!  After nearly 42 years of doubt and fear, not really fitting in with what was being preached every time I went to church, I now had, at last, become a child of God, and experienced the “new nature,” and real peace in my heart.  This year, I had a real reason to be thankful at Thanksgiving time!  For my 75th birthday, this November, I received a birthday present that will last for all eternity.  How thankful I am to finally know for sure that I am saved.

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