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Pastor Michael Custer

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Pastor Mike Custer has served as Senior Pastor of Bible Baptist Church since June, 1990. He first joined the church upon his graduation from Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO, in 1974, when he married Grace Silcox. Under Pastor Gordon Silcox’s pastorate (1966-1990), Custer served as Youth Director, professor and dean of Northland Baptist Blble Institute, the church’s pastoral/missionary training ministry, and for over 10 years, as Dr. Silcox’s Assistant Pastor.

You can read Pastor Custer’s personal testimony here.

Over the years, Pastor Custer has earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Theology, and holds an honorary doctorate, as well. The Custers have been blessed with 4 children- Aaron (wife, Malissa), Seth (wife, Moriah), Ethan (wife, Rachel), and Emily- and two grandchildren (Ellery and Timmy- children of Aaron and Malissa). All of the Custers’ family are actively serving the Lord in Scriptural, Baptist churches.